Fahim Saleh’s sister, Ruby reveals some shocking details about his death.

The untimely death of Gokada CEO, Fahim Saleh has left a dent in the hearts of many who were close to him.

His sister, Ruby recently wrote an emotional tribute to him in which she revealed some shocking details about his death.

Here’s what she said:

1. His dismembered body was found in a trash bag. She wrote:

Someone had cut my brother’s body into pieces and tossed the pieces into a garbage bag, as if his life, his body, his existence had no meaning or value…”

2. Because of Covid19, his body parts had to be identified through a photo. This made it impossible for them to identify him in person.

The man on the line said that due to Covid19, I would have to identify my brother’s body via a photo he would send to me. His message popped up within minutes. I immediately felt nauseated.

3. His body had to sewed back for his funeral.

I had to arrange for my boy’s funeral. Three days prior, the funeral home called to report that it would not be possible to sew his limbs and head back onto his torso for the funeral…

May his soul continue to rest in peace.😢

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