BBNaija Highlights of the past week

If you missed BB Naija this past week, you surely missed a lot. This past week was filled with drama, some people cleared other people, some others showed us who they truly are and the kind of mentality they have.

Well, we got you and we have the scoop of major happenings in Biggie’s house this past week.

Here are some of them in no particular order.

1. Erica won the HOH challenge and picked Kiddwaya as her deputy. She sought Laycon’s advice before this, because of an agreement they both had before his feelings got in the way.

2. Erica and Wathoni’s quarrel: so Erica wanted to have a conversation with Wathoni and one thing less to another, it became a full-blown squabble between the two of them over kidd.

3. Kidd and Erica’s one-minute breakup: Yes, they actually broke up and started kissing like minutes later? These two! Well, Erica wasn’t happy that kidd was watching as Wathoni insulted her and she told him to stay away from her. Well, they settled like 5 minutes later so it’s all good.

4. Dorathy clears Ozo: we all know Dora likes ozo, even though he keeps friend-zoning her, but this time she had enough and told him to avoid her in the house.

5. Brighto’s real-life preferences. Viewers were a bit disappointed that Brighto could think that it was better to send a male child abroad than a female one. His reason was that the females tend to get ”spoilt” faster?

6. Nengi and Kaisha’s fight: this one was over hot water and it almost became physical, if only Neo and the rest hadn’t intervened.

7. Biggie warns the frequent ”fighters” in the house: during the eviction show, Biggie warned Nengi, Erica, Lucy, and Wathoni over their frequent squabbles and told them that he won’t be lenient next time.

These are the major highlights from last week.

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