Relationship Tuesday: When will you learn to walk away?

I was having a discussion with a friend who had just broken up with his girlfriend of more than 2 years and he said something that really struck me. This will be mentioned at the end of the article.

While we understand that marriage may not be the reward or prize, many of us (male and female) look forward to being with someone we love for a long time and also hoping that the person feels the same way. This level of commitment and loyalty is what marriage gives, that’s why many of us look forward to it.

How far can you go in trying to prove to someone that you’re loyal or you will always be there in good and “bad” times? Many people have been in relationships where they were always the ones having to forgive and forget many unending excesses of their partners, but how low are you willing to go because you love this person or because you want to be found worthy enough to be this person’s husband or wife?

My friend, mentioned at the beginning, used to be a chronic cheat. He went on a trip with another girl for a week while he had a girlfriend, his babe got pregnant at different points and had to abort because they weren’t ready and other stuff he put her through.

Now she wasn’t a saint either, she had anger issues. At the end of the day, they broke up because of one of her episodes.. Now the question is why couldn’t he put up with her own issues? She constantly forgave him for his, but he was fed up with hers.

Guess what? My friend wondered why she didn’t walk away all those times he was shitty and kept forgiving him. Not surprising, because people will sit up when you don’t take their bullshit. They will be forced to do better when you draw a line and stick to it.

Even if you break up and he/she decides to change, it is left to you to accept them back or not. However, if you don’t, you’re DEFINITELY NOT missing out on anything. You just saved yourself years of unnecessary sacrifices and heartaches.

As for my friend? He is a better man and is in a relationship with someone he met few days after he broke up with his ex. Life!


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