5 movies to binge-watch on Netflix this weekend

Are you guys Netflix and chilling this weekend?

We got you covered if you’re finding it hard to pick a movie or series to binge watch this weekend.

Here are some worthy movies to see on Netflix.

1. Project Power: this one stars Jamie Foxx and you know that man is a terrific actor. Jamie hasn’t been in any bad movies. For this one, expect to be constantly on the edge of your seats.

2. American Son: starring Kerry Washington. Very emotional movie and worth your while too.

3. The Sleepover: not what you would expect judging from the movie title, but it’s good as well.

4. Schindler’s List: a bit old, but very worthwhile. Please if you haven’t seen this movie, do that ASAP.

5. Spiderman: Into the spider-verse: some have argued that this animation is way better than the movie itself. If you love animations, you’ll love this one more. Very entertaining and top-notch storyline.


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