Airlines will be fined $3500 dollars if they allow any COVID19 patientv

As international flights prepare to resume on August 29,  the National Coordinator of the Taskforce on COVID-19, Dr Sani Aliyu has warned that any airline that boards a COVID-19 patient will be made to pay a fine of $3,500 per passenger.

Aliyu made this declaration during a briefing of the Taskforce on Monday; highlighting that with the resumption of international flights there would be an additional 10, 000 tests to be conducted daily.

“We will continue with the policy that airlines will only board passengers without symptoms of COVID-19 and with negative PCR result. Airlines will be fined $3,500 per passenger if they fail to comply with pre-boarding arrangement. On arrival in the country from 29th of August, passports will no longer be retained by the Nigeria Immigration Service,”he said.

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