I discovered Banana Island- Terry Waya

Terry Waya, the father of ex BBN housemate Kiddwaya, has claimed he discovered the luxurious Banana Island in Lagos.

Speaking in an interview with BBC Pidgin, Terry Waya opened up on how he made his wealth as a young man in Kaduna through his relationship with some soldiers at the time.

He further revealed that he got the contract to develop the luxury Banana Island in Lagos, Nigeria commercial capital. He claimed to be the first person to develop Banana Island before he handed over to Lebanese-Nigerian Chagoury Group to complete the job.

According to Terry Waya nobody knew about Banana Island and that one day he went to visit his friend, General Adisa, and that was when he saw a big poster where they wrote “Banana Island.”.

Terry Waya then asked the minister about the poster and he told him they were looking for a partner to collaborate with to develop the man-made Banana Island and then sell it, therein the partner will have his share and the government also will have its share.

Because of his friendship with Adisa, he asked the general to give him the project, which he did get, Terry Waya then called on Chagoury to do the project and this was how the luxurious island was found.

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