Lagos State Government Takes Over The Case Of The Amputee Hawker Mary Danie, Provides Temporary Shelter For Her

The Lagos State Government revealed it has taken over the welfare of Mary Daniel, the 26-year-old amputee hawker and single mother whose tragic story went viral on social media platforms over the weekend.

It was announced in a statement by the Special Adviser to the State Governor on Civic Engagement, Princess Aderemi Adebowale, on Tuesday that the state government had donated a temporary shelter for Daniel.

Adebowale made it known to the press that Daniel was on temporary protective custody pending when further plans would be concluded by the government to get her an apartment and empower her.

The special adviser said that the move became crucial to prevent various forms of abuse or risk from befalling the physically challenged woman.

According to her, Daniel, an indigene of Ayingba, Kogi, who just moved to Lagos two weeks ago, hawked table water in traffic in Oshodi to earn a living. The case of Mary (Daniel) was brought to my attention by the Managing Director, Lagos State Lotteries
Board, and two politicians from Oshodi who expressed concern about her safety, as some kind-hearted individuals have started sending money to her account to assist her, she said.

Adebowale said that after her interaction with Daniel, it was agreed that the present government should take over the case to ensure her personal safety, hence the involvement of the state government.

The special adviser said that she would personally look over Daniel as a guardian and make sure that she was properly settled in Lagos and become a responsible citizen.

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