3 popular songs that made us believe Simi and Falz were together.

For years, lots of Nigerians believed Simi and Falz were an item. They kept giving us songs with deep lyrics back to back that we thought they were professing their love to each other. Imagine our surprise when the news of Adekunle Gold and Simi’s marriage came up. Nevertheless, here are 3 songs from Simi and Falz that made us think they were an item.

1  Jamb question: Jamb question which was originally released on the 15th of February, 2015, was a huge hit. When the remix was released a couple of months later, it was even huger.


2  Soldier: This song, which Simi featured Falz again, started to give rise to rumors that they were in a relationship.

3 Chemistry: If Soldier built up the rumor, the song “Chemistry” literally cemented the rumors. The chemistry that oozed out from the song made many Nigerians swoon and believe they were together.


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