AG Dan Logistics to re-define the logistics space as they commence operations in Lagos

AG Dan Logistics is a Lagos-based logistics company that helps to deliver goods and packages to their customers all around Nigeria.

Logistics is very crucial for the improved performance of any economy or business all over the world, but a lot of Nigerians complain about the delivery dilemma they face on a daily basis by various logistics companies.

In order to bridge this barrier between manufacturers/retailers and customers by delivering their goods or packages without difficulty, AG Dan Logistics has commenced operations in Nigeria.

With the use of adequate logistics management, accurate and on-time deliveries no matter the destination, and an impressive collaboration with various distribution centres plus warehousing business, AG Dan Logistics will simplify the distribution of goods for local businesses and become the ideal business’s partner for efficient and reliable operation.

AG Dan Logistics also provides unique goods in transit insurance which is a type of insurance policy that covers goods and packages while they’re being moved from one destination to another.

 They are currently located at 5, Mokuolu Street, off Ajayi Junction, Ogba, Lagos state.

 They run deliveries nationwide.

For more information, contact AG Dan Logistics via their email address    or via their phone numbers 090380797950 and 08081880132.

Also, their social media handles are:


FB: AG Dan Logistics


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