Baba Ijesha’s rape allegation: All we know about it!

Popular Nigerian comedian and actress, Princess Adekola Adesanya, also known as Princess has revealed that the victim of Baba Ijesha’s rape allegations is her foster child and refutes the claims that Baba has been molesting the girl for 7 years.

In a 16 minute long video, Princess talked about who the young girl is to her and how Baba Ijesha molested the victim when she was 7.

“I have read and heard a lot over the last few days. I don’t wish anyone to go through what I’m going through. Some years ago I had challenges in my marriage and some parents in my area out of compassion allowed their children to stay with me so that I won’t feel lonely.

There were six of them – 3 boys and 3 girls. Baba Ijesha had some challenges and came to me for help. I enrolled him for GCE. That day, he came for more help and I was at home.

He even came the next day to be sure that she didn’t tell anyone. He told her that he brought fruits that she should come downstairs to pick them. When she followed him down, he used his key to defile her.”

According to Princess, this incidence caused a decline in the victim’s academic performance as she started failing woefully for years.

Due to the sudden decline in the victim’s academic performance, Princess noted the worry she had over the girl’s wellbeing and kept investigating for years but to no avail. She couldn’t pinpoint the reason until the victim confessed seven years later.

At first, Princess wanted to confront Baba Ijesha, but after being counseled by her friend, decided to install a CCTV camera to gather evidence on the perpetrator.

“I sent him a DM, told him that I had a movie to shoot so he should come to the house. While he was on his way I told the CCTV company to come and fix a camera, because I remembered what my sister told me that if we do not have evidence, people will think we want to set Baba Ijesha up,”

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