Chidinma’s switch from secular to gospel music: A genuine move or a strategy to gain more hits?

Chidinma Ekile, fondly known as Chidinma, is a Nigerian singer who recently quit secular music to fully become a gospel singer and minister. This move has, however, raised many questions from Nigerians as a lot of people believe she quit secular music because it may have been too saturated hence her hiatus from music and maybe a strategy to get to the top of the music industry under the guise of being a gospel artist, while others rejoiced and were happy since she went back to her roots.

Chidinma Ekile grew up with a disciplinarian father and began singing at the age of six. When she was 10 years old, she joined her church’s choir. Prior to auditioning for the third season of Project Fame West Africa, she worked as a business promoter in Lagos.

However, after winning Project Fame West Africa, her style of music changed, and so did her sense of style, dying her hair red and getting a Mohawk. These changes made people start seeing her as a good girl gone bad which Chidinma countered, saying that she is still the same and that she’s evolving and growing as a musician.

It didn’t come as a surprise for some people when she revealed that she was quitting secular music to become a full-time gospel artist and minister, via her Instagram page on Sunday, 2nd of May, 2021, which also happened to be her birthday. She backed this decision up by clearing all her previous posts on Instagram and changing her bio to “An End-Time Soldier”, to start on a clean slate.

Although it wasn’t necessarily a surprise, her decision came with a fair share of commendation and backlash.  Fellow Gospel Artist, Ministers, and Christians all over Nigeria joined hands to celebrate with her as they noted that the angels of heaven will be rejoicing over her decision to come back home. While other Nigerians were skeptical, allocating her decision to the fact it’s easier for her to gain more popularity and acceptance in the Gospel Music Industry rather than in the Secular Music Industry. While some others linked it to the fact that Kizz Daniel had most likely broken her heart.

Aside from Chidinma, other celebrities who had quit secular music and changed their way of life are Cynthia Morgan, who is now known as Madrina, Chris Okotie, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and many others.

We wish Chidinma all the best on her new path to Christ.

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