One confirmed dead as Police and Motorcyclists clash in Ogba.

Pandemonium arouse in Ogba, Lagos on Friday, 7th of May, 2021 as Police Officers and Motorcyclists clash over the alleged killing of a motorcyclist also known as Okada rider by a police officer.

According to The Punch Metro, the violence began yesterday when a police officer refused to pay for the service rendered to him by an Okada rider.
An anonymous source also revealed that two people were allegedly killed last night.

“It’s a bike man vs policemen fight. An Okada rider rendered a service to a policeman yesterday, then asked for money after dropping him off. He was shot by the policeman who refused to pay him.
“There was a sporadic shooting this morning. Like some minutes ago. And all the Okada riders are off their bikes getting ready for a riot,” the source said

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