Iyabo Ojo and Yomi Fabiyi’s rift intensify as Iyabo Ojo sues Yomi Fabiyi for defamation

Popular Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has sued her colleague, Yomi Fabiyi, and demanded N100m as payment for damages caused by his ‘defamatory publication’.
In a letter written by Iyabo Ojo’s law firm, The Maverick Forte Legal, it was said that during Fabiyi’s protest defamatory statements were inscribed on placards some of which read, “Nigeria Police please allow the law to dictate to you not Iyabo Ojo, Princess and co. Please release Baba Ijesha.”
Another read, “Iyabo Ojo and Princess promised to kill Baba Ijesha if released on bail in this era??”
Ojo, through her lawyers, denied making any statement to kill Baba Ijesha or unlawfully interfering with the statutory responsibilities of the Nigeria Police Force.
The letter which the actress posted on her verified Instagram page read, “Take further notice that consequent upon your false, odious, malicious, vexatious and ludicrous statement and publication against our client which were broadcasted through your Instagram handle, viewed by a huge number of people and further published by several online blogs and newspaper outlets stemming from your orchestrated scheme that has so far damaged our client’s hard-earned reputation, vilify her integrity, rubbish her professional career as a businesswoman, entertainer, and artiste, and more so caused our clients children grievous trauma and anxiety since the publication of your defamatory statement.
“It is expedient to state that your defamatory publication has lowered our client’s estimation in the eyes of right-thinking members of the society. Our client has equally suffered huge stigmatisation by business partners, mental agony, restlessness, public scorn, emotional distress, professional indignation, intense psychological trauma, vilification and financial losses by the sudden withdrawal of business patronage by clients and customers.”

Therefore, Yomi Fabiyi was expected to “publish a full retraction of the said defamatory publication on his Instagram handle for seven consecutive days and acknowledge that the allegations are false, misleading and entirely defamatory of client’s character.”
Iyabo Ojo added that the retraction and public apology must further be circulated and published by select media outlets.
She also demanded that Yomi Fabiyi “desists from making further, additional or fresh defamatory publications against our client on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and on any other social media, social messaging blog and/or print media outlets.

However, in response to Iyabo Ojo’s letter, Yomi Fabiyi said the actress cannot get a dime from him.
He also noted that Ojo cannot serve him a legal letter via social media.
In an Instagram Live session, Yomi Fabiyi said, “Where would I get N100m from? Which house do I have to sell? If you write N100m, once they bring all the people involved in the case, they would (by themselves) reduce the money to N10m. At the end of the day, they would still not get a dime from me.
“In the sense that if I refuse to collect the letter, you would keep pursuing me to collect it from you. After then, if I so wish to respond, I would only respond to whoever has a case with me.”

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