5 fun things to do on a Friday Night

Fridays are generally seen as a time to let loose, unwind and have a lot of fun. But the reinforcement of the COVID 19 lockdown on clubs, bars, and parties may put a dent in your plans. Don’t despair! Here are 5 ways to spice up your Friday night.

  • Binge-watch movies: How much fun is it to sit back and unwind while catching up on all the drama that went down in your favorite movies or series? The best part is, you can sleep in after watching for hours because there is no work the next day!
  •  Video-call your friends and family: If you are alone and you can’t be with your friends and family, why not join them virtually? Video-call your friends and family so you can see their faces and catch up on lost times.
  •  Exercise: Little workouts like jogging, skipping, and dancing to all your favorite songs will certainly give you that buzz and feeling you want to gain.
  • Cook/Bake: Pick up that recipe book or go online to search for a unique recipe that you haven’t tried before. Take time out to make yourself a delicious meal or bake some goodies.
  • Play Games: Games like Sudoku, Word Puzzles, Ludo, Snakes, and Ladder, etc are delightful games that would task your brain and also help you relax
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