NCC reveals that some foreigners won’t need NIN for SIM Registration

According to the Nigerian Communications Commission, foreigners who are not staying in Nigeria for up to two years do not need a National Identification number to register SIM cards.

This was revealed in the regulatory body’s Revised National Identity Policy for SIM Card Registration.

A portion of the document said, “Foreigners validly transiting through Nigeria or are employed in or reside in Nigeria for less than 24 months are exempted from the mandatory use of NIN requirement.

“Persons in this category need to provide justification that they will be residing in Nigeria for less than two years.”

However, NIN is compulsory for foreigners who have legal residency, or those who have lived in Nigeria for two years and above.

“NIN is mandatory for foreigners with legal residency status or those living in Nigeria for two years and above. For those who do not already have a NIN, operators will capture the resident for NIN as part of the enrolment process, upon presentation of the resident permit.

“Foreigners with visitor’s visas (with visa less than two years) do not require a NIN. Operators will capture the following on their records; – International passport bio-data page and visa page.

“Foreigners with diplomatic visas (including family diplomatic visas) will also require a NIN for their personal telephone lines if they are staying in Nigeria for two or more years.

“Those staying less than two years will require the following for registration of their personal telephone lines: international passport bio-data page and letter from embassy indicating that their stay is for less than two years.”


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