Beauty Boy, Enioluwa speaks about the pains of being a “Girly Man”

Popular Beauty and Fashion Enthusiast, Adeoluwa Enioluwa, popularly known as Eni and Beauty Boy has put down a heartfelt message in a video in celebration of International Boy Child Day.

In a 1 minute monologue he released on Thursday, 20th of May, 2021 via his Instagram page, he spoke about the stigmatization that comes with being a “Girly Man” and how he and many others have been told to change and start acting more manly.

In a follow-up article on his blog, he spoke about the pains of being a girly man and how he was always stared at with disgust. He said, “I grew up hearing those words as well, “woman wrapper” “boy-girl” and even now my comment section is full of those comments and people being inquisitive about my sexuality every day, some even say the things that may hurt in the most unreasonable fashion.

I understand how it can feel, how you walk into a room and you feel everyone is looking at you with hate, but what if you thought it as jealousy instead of hate when they say those mean words rather than look at it as spite, why not understand that they cannot handle your confidence cause you walk like you’ve got diamonds flowing down your back. Because you have, and I know it may be life-threatening with their perceptions but do not let them stop you from living. Live while you can!”

In the monologue he posted on his Instagram page, he encouraged other guys in such a situation. He said, “Don’t let them take away your shine, don’t let them take away the power you have. Flaunt it effortlessly. Don’t let them stop you from living while they continue to live. And if they say they don’t like you, the real question is, do you like them? Next time you sashay through the street and they start to stare, remember, stars are meant to be watched anyway.”


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