The arrest of Joshua Dominic Ngene; A reflection of the Average Nigerian youth or a dent on the capabilities of the Nigerian Youth.

Social Media was abuzz on Wednesday, 26th of May, 2021 when the Lagos State Special Fraud Unit arrested the Chief Executive Officer of Brisk Capital Limited, Joshua Dominic Ngene for allegedly defrauding over 500 investors of N2 billion.
21-year-old Joshua Dominic Ngene, who was operating from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State lured his victims from various social media platforms and newspaper publications, claiming to be a financial investor who manages funds for individuals and companies, promising them 60% return on their investment.
This incident further tarnishes the image of Nigerian youths as the question “are these the leaders of tomorrow?” began to grow in people’s minds. Most Nigerian youths are seen dabbling in Internet fraud to fund their lavish lifestyles. This act has made the name “Nigeria” cause fear in the hearts of foreigners globally as every Nigerian is seen as a potential fraudster.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States has indicted 80 people in what they described as the “largest case of online fraud in US history” and 77 out of the 80 people indicted we’re Nigerians.
Truly, there are Nigerian youths who are doing well legally, but the prevalence of youths dabbling with internet fraud causes more harm than good. This makes us wonder, “where do we go from here?”

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