Senator Remi Tinubu refuses to apologize to the woman she called a thug, accuses the public of politicizing the argument

Senator Remi Tinubu who represents Lagos Central constituency has refused to apologize for calling a woman a thug during a heated argument at the zonal public hearing of the review of the 1999 Constitution.⁣
⁣The disagreement happened because the woman and other people were trying to get into the Marriott Hotel, which was the venue of the hearing in Lagos but was met with resistance from the lawmaker who’s the chairperson of the session.⁣
⁣Senator Remi Tinubu had barred entry because the hall was full, and crowd control measures at the door were starting to break down which was affecting the process during the first day of the hearing on Wednesday, 26th of May 2021.⁣

The lawmaker’s ‘thug’ comment was seen as rude by eyewitnesses, and she has also been widely criticized on social media since a video of the argument was posted online.⁣

While reacting to the criticism on the second day of the hearing on Thursday, 27th of May, 2021, Senator Tinubu accused people of politicizing the encounter.⁣
She said, “I’m not scared to speak. If we’re trying to build a country for you and you’re playing politics of calumny, it’s a shame, but I’m dedicated to what I do and will continue to be dedicated.⁣
“At age 60, if I’m scared, I shouldn’t be representing my constituency.”⁣

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