Beauty Pageant contestant who walked with blood stained Nigerian flag reveals she has been getting death threats

The beauty pageant contestant who displayed a blood-stained Nigerian flag while walking the Miss Africa Russian runway, Udeh Chiamaka reveals that she has been receiving threats and insults from different quarters since after the video went viral.

The Russia-based fourth-year medical student took her runway walk up a notch after she held up a red-stained flag while appearing on stage at the pageant in Moscow as Nigeria’s representative.

After the pageant, the Lagos-born model from Anambra explained to BBC Igbo that the act was never intended to tarnish the image of her country.

“What I did was actually from my heart. I did it myself; no one told me to. It was a competition, a platform that was given to me. I used that platform to create an awareness of what is happening in Nigeria,” she can be heard saying.

“I did it duo to what happened on October 20 [2020]. I also did it because of the recent happenings now in Nigeria. It was basically to tell the world that we’ve not forgotten our fallen heroes, the Lekki protesters who died. I did it to also portray recent happenings because there are still killings, insecurity, rape, and all of those things. The flag signifies everything. That category was the ‘Tradition Cultural or National Costume’.

“I felt that I should dress as a nationalist to portray what is happening. I never thought it was going to go viral at all. I don’t know who shared it with bloggers. Right now that it has gone viral, I have received a lot of threats. I have received a lot of insults but it’s okay. People who got the message got it. For those who didn’t, it’s not on me. It was never my intention to tarnish the image of Nigeria. It was me creating an awareness that we need help.”

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