More shocking revelations arise about the death of Super TV CEO

A controversial post made rounds on Saturday, 26th of June, 2021 claiming that Brenda Ataga, the wife of the late CEO of Super TV, Michael Usifo Ataga was also responsible for the death of the media mogul.
According to the post, Brenda was in a romantic relationship with a man named Izu who happens to be the paternal uncle of Chidinma, the 300-level UNILAG student who was arrested for the media mogul’s murder.
The post claimed that Izu and Mrs. Brenda planned to get married but Late Michael stood in their way as he refused to grant her a divorce.
To secure evidence for a quick divorce, Izu involved Chidinma, who he has been supporting financially, to set up a relationship with late Michael Ataga.
Chidinma refused at first, but Izu threatened to withdraw his financial support which made her succumb to the plan.
She met the media mogul at a party held in honor of her uncle’s wealthy clients in January, where Michael Ataga fell in love and started dating her.
The plan was for the 300-level student to lure the media mogul to a predetermined destination that was wired with monitoring devices to gather the needed evidence, and the plan was running smoothly.
However, Chidinma took an excessive amount of drugs due to her nervousness and passed out. Then the late media mogul decided to go through her phone which left him stunned as he saw a lot of pornographic content alongside his nude pictures with Chidinma in various locations they’ve been to.
Out of rage, he woke her up and started questioning her, but she didn’t respond well due to the influence of the drugs in her system.
He resorted to shouting and slapping her which made her stumble to the kitchen for a knife to scare him off. Unfortunately, that didn’t deter him which made her stab him multiple times to calm him down, which led to his death.
While panicking, she called her uncle who calmed her down and stepped into action along with his boys. They cleared the scene and dismantled all devices set up to capture the evidence.
Then Brenda Ataga was informed who instructed them to take all his valuables and supplied them with the pin to his bank account so it could look like a robbery gone wrong.
The post was ended with the claims that Chidinma would confess everything soon as she is scared because her life is in danger and her father was arrested.

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