Overcomer Idemudia: An out-of-box thinker ready to show people how to build a website without coding for FREE!

With 25 million graduates unemployed and 60 million people in Nigeria being unemployable, it has become necessary for Nigerians to find an extra means of income and an alternative way of earning.
Overcomer Idemudia is a solutions-orientated IT professional who is highly regarded for over 10 years of progressive experience in the development, implementation, and support of complex infrastructures and technical solutions for various leaders in the Government and industries like Banking, Telecommunications, E-commerce, etc.
As an IT professional, he has superior expertise with development methodologies, developer supervision, and client relations, with a distinct ability to explain technically complex ideas to non-technical people.
His out-of-the-box ideas added with the commitment to continuous self-development make him stand out from others in his field.
With this knowledge and dedication, he, alongside his team, is hosting free online training to teach people how to build websites without writing a single line of code. They know that not everyone is tech-savvy and can write lines of codes so the training is simple enough for people to understand and master.
The training covers all angles in website design, including how to find design ideas, how to come up with website content, how to find free images, how to find beautiful predesigned templates and customize them, how to design from a blank canvas, how to find your first client and wow them and, how to get clients to refer you to others.
This is not the first time he is organizing online training. In 2020, he founded a training platform called Ovacademy.NG where he and his team trained people on how to code.
With a vision deeply rooted in the personal development of young people in Africa; their commitment to providing access to online training was at a relatively affordable cost.
When the pandemic hit and a lockdown was instated across Nigeria, they made all access to training FREE! This is very commendable, considering the effect of the pandemic on Nigerians, and how badly the economy was affected. During the program, they registered over 1600 students and had students complete over 2000 classes. Unfortunately, they had to shut down the platform one year later.
Their idea is to show people how to build their website, and make them realize how easy and lucrative it is to build for other people, to make them consider building for others to make some extra income, helping them earn locally and internationally without leaving the comfort of their homes.
To register for this free online training, go to the website www.dawih.com/training.

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