Britain’s PM, Boris Johnson loses his mother

The current Prime minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson is mourning the loss of his mother, Charlotte Johnson Wahl.

Charlotte Johnson Wahl, the ‘supreme authority’ in Prime Minister’s family, died ‘suddenly and peacefully’ in a London hospital on Monday.

Wahl, a professional painter, died “suddenly and peacefully” at a London hospital on Monday, the family said, according to reports from the BBC Boris Johnson once described his mother, who was a painter, as the “supreme authority” in the family.

Last year, Mr Johnson told the nation during a coronavirus press conference that he was hoping to see her on Mothering Sunday, before Downing Street was forced to clarify that he would be speaking to her via Skype.

In 2019, at Mr Johnson’s first Conservative Party Conference as Prime Minister, he told delegates that they were entitled to ask about his core principles and ideals, saying his mother had taught him to believe in “the equal importance, the equal dignity, the equal worth of every human being on the planet”.

The prime minister also disclosed in the same speech that his mother had voted Leave in the EU Referendum.

The daughter of the barrister Sir James Fawcett, who was president of the European Commission for Human Rights in the 1970s,  Wahl studied English at Oxford University.

She interrupted her education to travel to America with Stanley Johnson whom she married in 1963, before returning to complete her degree as the first married female undergraduate at her college, Lady Margaret Hall.

The couple had four children  Boris, journalist Rachel, former minister Jo and environmentalist Leo before they divorced in 1979.

At the age of 40, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease but continued painting, steadying herself with a walking frame as she worked.

Condolences from parliamentary colleagues began to pour in on social media on Monday night. The Labour leader, Keir Starmer, tweetedy: “I’m very sorry to learn of the prime minister’s loss. My condolences to him and his family.”

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