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Just to give you a piece of quick background information…….

Lagos Fashion Week is a fashion platform that drives the Nigerian and ultimately the African fashion industry; by bringing together buyers, consumers and media to view the current collections of designers at a four (4) day event in the fashion capital of Lagos, Nigeria.

The event commenced on the 27th of October with a defining theme


Due to the Covid 19 pandemic which is giving way for activities to take place, the LFW, though hosted the event physically at the Federal House Palace Hotel still went digital thereby featuring presentations from communities of rising talented fashion designers which was showcased on their various digital platforms.

You trust Savvy Media to cover details from the very first day till the last. To kick-start the season, these are the reviews from top designers when asked how the theme of this year’s season resonated with them individually. After the reviews, we will be giving you top designers you should look out for!

“The Future of Fashion to me means smart production/consumption, sustainability, innovation and technology- Omafume Niemogha

“The Future of Fashion to me is inclusivity. Everyone gets a seat at the table” Samantha Adebayo

“The Future of Fashion is wearable technology. Smart and intelligent textiles/footwear and garment are fast becoming the new innovation”- Cynthia Abila

It was a 4-day event and this is the total breakdown of how each day went by.

DAY 1: Fashion Series; Sourcing Responsibly.

  1. Tammy Tinker- Founder, Big Little Store & Creative Consultant,
  2. Viola Alabi- Managing Director, Woven Worldwide,
  3. Busayo Olupona- Founder & Creative Director, Busayo
  4. Aissa Dione- Textile Designer & Founder, Aissa Dione Textile,
  5. Mariama Camara- Founder of Mariama Fashion Production, Kanafrik & Co-founder, There’s No Limit Foundation.

Gathered together to discuss how we can strengthen Africa’s supply chain while making it one of the biggest hubs for apparel sourcing and production. This conversation was conducted via zoom with all the distinguished likes mentioned above in attendance.

DAY 2: Digital Presentation and Off-site Shows.

  1. Pepper Row: “Figurines of The Future” it was a collection that celebrated the future of digital fashion and its synergy with arts, technology and craftsmanship.

2. Gëto: founded by Samantha Adebayo, GËTO is a high fashion aesthetics brand creating and designing flattering pieces for all body types. For the Fashion show, she created a collection about originality, body acceptance, fun and inclusivity.

3.Maliko: The collection was themed, ‘AFFINITY’ which shares light on skin colour, hair colour and skin tone. It uses this collection to deconstruct the social belief of what beauty should be like.

The list of designers at the digital presentation seems endless but here are the names of designers we didn’t get to talk about extensively;


DAY 3: Physical Runway Show & The Sit Down.

Top and uprising designers across Africa showcased their talents and we were there to give you the main gist of how the event took place. Here are the collections we couldn’t just resist.

  1. Eki Slik: Their collection symbolized growth, transformation and hope by using carefully curated colors and prints.

2. Gozel Green: It was inspired by the brand’s zeal for liberated women who are daring and confident. It was meant to express ‘TRUE’ individuality.

3. Kiki Romeo: ‘The Akili nil Mali’ collection by Kiki Romeo gives us an insight into the Swahili Culture and Tradition. Its aim was to showcase how the elements of Swahili Culture can be incorporated into fashion and arts.

Other designers that graced the show were; UGO MONYE, ÀSSIÀN, STUDIO 189, BRIDGET AWOSIKA amongst others.

The Creative Director Chronicles: The Art and Drama Behind Bringing Your Vision To Life.

DAY 4:LAGOS X MEDBURY: Creating Space For Mental Health.

And it’s a wrap guys!! The 4-day event has come to an end but really couldn’t end without awards and words of appreciation. Omoyele Akerele (founder of LFW) was awarded the Zero Oil Ambassador For Nigeria by the Director of the Nigerian Export Promotion Council. Omoyele Akerele also didn’t fail to appreciate her team. Here are pictures below;

Lagos Fashion Week trying to bring you top quality clothing for the season partnered with the following and you will agree with us that they all did a good job in interpreting what the next level of fashion should look; Industrie Africa as its Official Retail Partner and the likes of; Heineken, Tecno, Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), Austrian Lace, Lush Hair, Oppo and Medbury Medical Services as it’s sponsors.

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